Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Chapter 40 “We really can’t afford to lose after all” by MTO

So… new chapter of this masterpiece has come ^^
Chapter 40 is also the last chapter of volume 12, if you need to downloada whole volume , take a look to the end of this post ^^
Enjoy :D


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Download: , trigger: !maoyuu40

>>> Download volume 12 (from chapter 38 to 40) <<< – Or just use trigger: !maoyuuv12

Ultra Battle Satellite – Round 1. “Scrapping Monkey” by MTO and Fallen Angels

New series time! This is something we’ve planned to do few weeks ago. This is Utsumi Yuusuke’s new manga that started last month. This series will be our first joint with Fallen Angels. Round 1 (or chapter 1) is a beast of 54 pages.

Anything I wanna say? Hmm, it could be… well, hope you enjoy reading the chapter. And thanks so much for embarking on a new journey in guts and carnage with us!!


Online Reading

Download: , Trigger: !ubs1


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